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We serve our clients in the cathode and anode materials manufacturing industry by providing profitable solutions that contribute to the well-being of our employees and stakeholders. We achieve our objectives by offering competitive and sustainable solutions that provide long term value to our clients and vendors. We do this while delivering an exceptional experience. We will always choose to do the right things.

V-link International, is proud to be involving lithium battery and solar power generating industry in China, Australia. Now we are making silicon carbide and Iso-statical graphite in China and serving the customers.  

For over 5 years, V-Link International has provided outstanding results for our clients within new energy industry. Our company's reputation is built on delivering high quality, innovative products and unique solutions.

With the introduction of the products in the catalogue V-Link International offers you a competitive advantage with a proven technology that will positively impact your bottom line, perform better and is safer to use.

Our knowledgeable engineers ensure the proper application of our products to give you the maximum level of output and safety. Our market oriented service allows to visit customers from time to time in order to satisfy the clients and maximize the profit for the customers. 

Through the use of our vast resources, V-Link International is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience and innovative solutions to all of our clients in the new energy industry world. 

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